To dare is to write good copy – how our farmstay agriturismo just got creative

Monviso - per osare di più

Per osare di più – to dare. I have dared to write and honestly, I’m quite satisfied with the result. It may never go online, but it’s important to practice and hopefully, improve. I am now wondering if I will write my best copy for my clients, which is not a bad thing if I’m to write anything good at all. But surely I should lead by example? Which means I’ll be changing the very exciting ‘about page‘ copy and home page copy I have on this website. Stay tuned, it could be electric stuff.

Thanks to Hospitality Days from Teamwork (on behalf of the Langhe Experience Consorzio Turistico), I sat through the excellent Andrea d’Angelo‘s sessions on pricing policy and cost management in the hospitality industry; then I sat through the even more excellent Martina Manescalchi‘s sessions “vorrei ma non posto” content writing and Instagram; I also attended the experience marketing session as a kind of motivational speech by Edoardo Cognonato on emotive marketing (fascinating stuff, I can recommend to a public who doesn’t read me but are probably already avid followers of Simon Sinek).

But to dive back into my degree days of Arts (Media and Communications), the top session for me definitely had to be Maria Antonietta Pelliccioni‘s conversation on writing online. I use the word conversation as a compliment to her, because her style was as good as the stuff she was teaching (and she’s just plain funny, too). I once tried to get a job in journalism (industry publications, dull stuff) by saying I was a good writer. I didn’t get the job, but I was, and with a little effort, still am (will be!) a good writer.

Oscar Wilde quote

This session was the perfect refresher for someone who is out of practice, and was at uni before social media really took off. We were learning about blogs like they were the next revolution in the world of journalism. It was like a kind of power to the people medium, breaking barriers and giving to the masses what the BBC once was to the opinion makers. These days it’s old hat. In any case, thanks to Maria Antonietta who won me over somewhere between Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway, my client now has a “traditional” version of his copy to choose from, and a “daring” or “osare di più” version.

The latter probably has a few mistakes in there, my Italian isn’t perfect, but it is by far my favourite of the two. Unfortunately I got no tips on how to sell my beautiful, creative new copy to my client. So if he were to choose the “traditional” one, it will be a reflection on my skills as a salesperson and not my writing skills, somewhat like that job interview I had years ago.

And all of a sudden, I understand more completely the artistic dilemma. Selling your creativity to someone, or selling it on behalf of them, when you know you just put so much personality in it. The dilemma of art and marketing and I am definitely buying and reading the book Steal Like an Artist!

Steal like an artist

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