Meeting Bruno Murialdo – art in Langhe

I will confess I took a photo of Bruno Murialdo’s studio in Alba before seeing the sign requesting no photos. The shop was closed at the time and there was no-one around so I felt less silly laughing out loud at the sign of the opening hours.

Only after stopping by again one day, out of courage and the need to explore the photographs (and find a Christmas present), did I meet the photographer himself. One of those situations when you meet a person and only later discover how important they are.

Which is nice because you can have a less affected, self conscious approach. Bruno Murialdo, despite years of journalism, photographs and what I guess to be a public profile, is a very affable man. Downright nice I should say.

And his photographs are nothing short of timeless. It would be easy to see the landscape shots and underestimate his work, but the black and whites…well, they’re something special.

We chat just a little and he doesn’t seem upset that I don’t buy anything. I am looking for a specific photograph that he doesn’t have and were it not that I’m embarrassed and in a slight hurry, I could have spent hours browsing. Immersed in silver tone eternity.

We are interrupted by the peddler, though Mr. Murialdo welcomes him as well as anyone. The photographer says he will visit me in the Alta Langa and it honestly wouldn’t surprise me to open my door one day to find him there, just as he did with me. I recommend a visit either to the studio in Alba or to Paesi Tuoi in La Morra to view his work.

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