It’s Wednesday it must be hunting season

The first fine day in what felt like weeks. Fresh, pure snow on the horizon to soothe past wounds, and new anger for the lost lives and the disasters of recent days. It was fresh, crisp and finally I can see something beyond the fog at the front fence.

And then I heard the shots. I have never personally participated in a hunt. I hate the idea but I guess it’s just the idea of an animal dying that distresses me so much. I find hunting distressing (and ridiculous with the high-viz vests over camouflage gear but that could just be my ignorance).

So I imagined some beautiful roe deer arching through this blue Langhe sky before cruelly hurtling to earth. Four shots though so I pray this hunter was a particularly bad shot.

My friend who monitors the wildlife on his property tells me that his creature population doesn’t seem to have diminished so at this stage I’m hoping it’s a bad hunting season for the fluorescent herds in their jeeps. Although the fine weather was welcome.

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