Your Langhe local in Alba – 100VINI Caffè La Brasilera

By chance in Alba the day of opening of the 100VINI Caffè La Brasilera, inaugurated by Fontanafredda last night, I stopped for lunch.

If you’re looking for a versatile café in Alba for everything from coffee to aperitifs, this is a good place to stop.

The prices are good and the indexed menù is fantastic. It has a wide offering of local Langhe produce, from wine to robiola cheese and the local hazelnut.

Personally I had the misticanza salad with cheese and pears, along with a Langhe craft brewery Baladin pale ale offering.

Given it’s only the first day, there was a bit of confusion but the staff were lovely and the Piazza Michele Ferrero location (once upon a time Piazza Savona) is a fantastic sunny spot for the whole family.

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