Sparkling Nebbiolo – ways with wine

I love what they do with this Nebbiolo spumante. After tipping each of the Nebbiolo bunches in the Barolo vineyards at an early stage of this grape’s long maturation process, they then proceed with the classic method to make this Nebbiolo bubbly.

You can see from the table cloth this was no fancy function event. It was an informal tasting among friends, to exchange ideas and stories, and taste different wines.

It was the perfect occasion for this bottle of sparkling Nebbiolo. It is a beautifully simple wine, elegant, structured, unpretentious and easy-to-drink, though perhaps not for the masses. Like meeting a sophisticated lady but with her ‘piedi per terra’, the Cascina Ballarin Punte dei Tre Ciabot is a beautifully crafted wine that is a different expression of the traditions of this Barolo land.

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