Wolfrest Gin – boutique Italian gin

The resting place of the wolf. At Montelupo they believe in their wolf legends, although the wolves themselves are no longer just a myth. They have started to come back to their old haunts and this is the story of one couple who wanted to trace the fall of these mythic paws, back to Montelupo. Interestingly in the land of Barolo, they’ve decided to tell this story with their own, homegrown gin. Wolfrest Gin.

If I were a wolf, I could think of worse places to take a nap. This is the view from Valentina’s and Giovanni’s place, the couple behind the astounding Wolfrest Gin label.

This is a boutique Italian gin producer doing something simple but special. With homegrown botanicals they have traced the path of the wolf back to Montelupo, stopping through juniper berries from Umbria, Portuguese orange varieties in Liguria, all the way to the humble piemontese hazelnut and their own homegrown herbs.

Wolfrest Gin is fragrant and delicate. We tasted a spring batch, so to speak, with lovely herbal aromas and the rosemary coming to the fore. Valentina tells us their autumn batch displays the nutty characters of the Piemontese hazelnut. Definitely the best way to drink is neat and I would not be adverse to a classic martini with this boutique gin. In fact, it might have converted even James Bond it’s that good.

In the meantime I recommend visiting Valentina and Giovanni at their home, but don’t be fooled by the domestic feel. This is one young couple whose enthusiasm, talent and commercial flair is paying off. If you want a different tasting experience in the Langhe, look no further than Wolfrest gin at Montelupo, and its beautiful label designed by Valentina herself.

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