Bossolasco artists- forme e colori, Langhe art exhibition

I fell in love with the town of Bossolasco the very first time I went there. Il paese delle rose – or the town of roses – they call it around these parts. Every year, the first Sunday in June, Bossolasco is home to the festival of roses (festa delle rose). Walking the cobblestone streets, the Langhe stone houses are adorned in old roses, the perfume so strong it just wafts and hangs in the air.

It is a town of art, full of painted electricity boxes and in the Bossolasco historic centre, coming towards the arch, little painted plaques of local bird life adorn the walls.

This picture is from the Forme e Colori exhibition where various artworks are displayed in the old houses of the town. You can find the artwork, up and down rickety staircases, in and out of rooms variously decorated in worn marble tiles, old parquet or rough terracotta. From the most delicate and pensive watercolours, to bold oil or the achingly expressive sculptures, these old homes in their quiet, quaint way are the perfect setting for the art they hold.

As part of my Langa story, this personally for me is an event in the Alta Langa that’s not to be missed.

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