Monviso views and Piemonte skies

I come from a country of big skies. And I would not have necessarily put Italy on that list. But I am thankful that it is and that I have been proved wrong.

This particular picture was shot after the storm. We get some pretty spectacular storms in Piedmont.

The worst come in from the west. We get winds, dramatic clouds and violent thunder. But when you get these views at the end of it all, it’s almost worth it.

It’s worth the great crack of lightning and thunder we had over the house. A little explosion and the smell of burning and we discovered that the lightning had come directly through the phone line. Our Telecom Italia line is now well and truly shot (we’ve already attempted to cancel the contract with Telecom Italia. The burnt line is like a biblical reinforcement we’ve made the right decision. Ciao TIM ciao…).

Despite being without power and going out in the pouring rain to switch it back on, wonder whether we should call an emergency electrician friend or Enel or anyone really; obviously with the terrible mobile reception in the Langhe, and the horrifying thought we can’t contact anyone followed by the comforting thought no-one can contact us and we should just knit or something until the power comes back on…. later when Monviso emerges in all her glory… my Langa story is worth it.

It’s worth the tears, sacrifices, pain, struggle, hope and love. Just for this one Monviso view, repeated at dawn (Alba), and dusk, in rain and in sunshine. A silhouette or pastel hues. One guardian, Monviso mountain, one Langa story of many Langhe stories.

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